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A couple of weeks ago, my homepage was hacked…. It made me swear out loud and the woman working for my web-hotel Suleitec (great service there, by the way!) told my husband (who had to make that call of course) to smack my fingers with a stick because I forgot to update the programs I work with (again). And she´s right. My fault. Still annoying though……


To get back on track, the nice Suleitec-woman  took a one week old version of my webpage and replaced the hacked version with that one. Puh. Only problem is that the latest blog disappeared, but hey, I really don´t mind presenting this little sweetie again.


So, meet Sofía. At the time of the foto-shooting just a few weeks old and sweet as honey. And a VERY cooperative model! Enjoy!
















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Little Hanna

Sweet little Hanna!

As we shot these pictures on the 12th of October, Hanna was 21 days young. Just think about what a stir a 21 days young very little person can make, what she can achieve –  an ocean of emotions, turning her parent´s life all upside down in the very sweetest way and put a smile on everybody´s face.  That´s what they do, that´s the nature of who they are.


Hanna – I´m already looking forward to the next session with you!



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Welcome to the world!

This was the 29th of February. A round beautiful belly, someone kicking inside. Excited parents waiting to meet their little girl. What a fantastic feeling!


The pictures below are taken in April, two and a half weeks after the birth of this gorgeous little princess. Sweet as sugar, proud parents. Even the dog was crazy-happy to show off the new family-member!


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One part of this job that I really love, is that you often get to follow people over many years. First you photograph a couple in love, then maybe their wedding, then a beautiful baby-belly and then their baby when it has entered the world. To be able to see families grow, kids go from babies to little people…. it´s a privilge! Alexander and his family, I haven´t  followed for that long – but as he was in his mamas belly I was there, and then again after he was born.It is always exciting to see what became of that belly, and Alexander is really a charming young man. Just look for yourselves!




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Baby bliss

This little guy really came as a blessing, in more ways than I can tell you.  And he´s a gorgeous little one! Big eyes that are really hard not to drown in and a calm and sort of delightful character. His big sister is also a bucket full of charm and the camera was automatically drawn to her…. like a magnet! I came to this family´s apartment in the middle of Hamburg, and was happily surprised to see that there was a garden to step out into. Some photos inside, some outside, I love it when the weather and location lets me take photos in more places than one! Thanks to all 4 of you for putting up with my ideas and being patient while at it!



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Fresh from the oven!

At just 9 days old, this little man already has a lot of character – and a lot of hair…! And he has that old-young look that newborns seem to have, that makes them look so vulnerable yet so wise. Wrinkly little hands and feet and a facial mimic hard to beat. About a month earlier I took pictures of Mom with that beautiful belly, those you can see here. My question then was “knock knock, who´s there?”. Well, here´s the answer for you ; ) And to Mom and Dad – we´ll take a “part two” of this same session a day when the proud big sister can join us!

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